Great Editing Service.

I had one of my manuscripts edited by Editor and Author, Alison Jack. I was really pleased with her services! She corrects grammar, punctuation/rewords certain parts to sound better/advises sections in which she thinks should be deleted due to repetition or having no relevance, whilst keeping the ‘Author’s voice.’ The edits are clear to see, everything that has been amended/needs to be amended is marked in red. The period of time that it takes her is exceptional and she provides feedback when returning your material.

I had a further few questions which i wanted an outsiders advice, and she was only too happy to oblige. I want to say a HUGE thanks, Alison! I highly recommend her services. Details are found at the end of this blog.

Alison is the Author of book, Dory’s Avenger’s. Here is the synopsis, some photographs of Alison at her book signing, and a short bio. I will definitely be purchasing this book.


In a stifled and oppressed United Kingdom, nothing can be achieved without the approval of the dictatorial Sponsors, at whose head is the malevolent and cruel Lord William St Benedict. In Britain s cities the Sponsored live narrow, if privileged, lives, while the Unsponsored are confined to menial roles and to less desirable districts. Among the Sponsors many victims is Lord William s own son, the forthright and charismatic Theodore (Dory) held captive by his father since he was a boy.
In the unassuming town of Applethwaite, in the shadow of the Cumbrian fells, an unlikely revolution is brewing. Albino gymnast Louis Trevelyan and his motley group of friends are fiercely proud of their Unsponsored status and gradually forge a plan not only to liberate the beleaguered Theodore but the whole of the United Kingdom…
Dory s Avengers are coming!



Alison has lived most of her life in and around the beautiful University city of Cambridge. Her début novel, DORY’S AVENGERS,, was published by Book Guild on 29 August. Alison describes writing as her joy and her passion; aside from fiction she writes book reviews, and blogs galore.

Alison can also be found on Twitter @AlisonJack66



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