Marketing Tips From Authors.

writingtipsHi all! I wrote a post in the past about writing tips, from published authors. They also provided marketing tips and advice. If you type in the search bar to the right – Writing Tips, it will take you straight to that post. I wanted to write another post which focuses only on tips for marketing. Sometimes, marketing and getting the word out there can be harder than writing the bloody book! lol! Anyways, here is what lovely authors came up with. I hope it helps, and feel free to share what has worked for you in the past.

In no particular order, here are the marketing tips received:

Blog tour–but do NOT organize it yourself! Let a promo company handle it. Do one around release time and another two or three months later. Three months after release, you should be focusing on your next book (which is the best marketing of all!). – Jennifer Loring.

Goodreads giveaways if not sales then good exposure. – J.A Kerr

Goodreads is a good one. Gave away about 10 books total between my 3 and had nearly 700 people shelf my book on GR – Remy Flagg

I find that author events are helpful as well as getting involved with takeovers and contacting blogs. – Michelle Escamilla

Getting a published author in your genre to leave a review on amazon. I got an amazing review from a wonderful author, who I had previously promoted his books, now he’s happy to endorse my book. Faking it in France. Great reviews sell books! – Karen Bates

Freebooksy seems to work well for me. With their promo I had over 2000 downloads of my anthology of horror stories “A Dark Assortment” and about 1500 for my timeslip novel “Trespass: a tale of mystery and suspense across time.” Hope that’s useful. Michael Campling

Persistence. I try different methods from email outreach to connecting on social media with blogs. Cross promoting with other authors in takeovers. Donating ebooks can help grow your pages. But the biggest thing is persistence. I do a bit every day. Even if you only publish a book a year, keep yourself relevant and out in your readership ‘ s sights. – Addison Kline

Unique giveaways. The title of my 2nd book is “Magic Fishing Panties” – I’ve given away victoria’s secret gift cards and Joe Boxer underwear at events. To enter, folks fill out a small form that includes their name and email address and an opt-in for subscribing to my blog. People go nuts for giveaways and I’ve been able to boost my email list! Kimberly Dalferes

I wrote this article on my blog based on many of your own tips — there are about 50 suggestions/tips. Maybe this will help:…/not-selling-books-how-to…/ Rachel Thompson

Bookbub was my most successful as of today for spreading the books around to readers. I was very lucky to get in. That, coupled with blogging, social media interaction, keeping your website, bio, and pages current plus getting your name in the public eye, plus a lot of reviews. Pretty much it’s almost a daily online routine in between writing more books to keep your readers interested. Barbara Eppich Struna

Boosting posts on Facebook. doing takeovers on other authors Facebook pages. Participating in Blogger giveaways – Rachel Riddles

I’ve had success with I Love Vampire Novels. They are affordable, too. Theresa McClinton

My newsletter. That’s hands down my most important marketing tool. Skyla Madi

I think the best tip is to not just use social media to blast messages about your work. Creating genuine, interesting posts about other stuff happening in your life and other authors as well attracts more loyal followers than just trying to promo your stuff…but it is so hard to resist the temptation! I also have found instagram to be effective at reaching a wide audience Lindsay Detwiler

I believe my WordPress blog is a great tool even though I don’t have many followers yet. I link all the posts to my FB author page and twitter, and I post regularly. I also feature other authors on a regular basis (Feature Friday and Cozy Chat). Debbie De Louise –

Always be looking for your next audience – readers are everywhere, and you need to think outside the box. Jennifer Allis Provost

Vlogs are just as good as Blogs. Most people like to watch things nowadays, utilize youtube. – Michael Weekly


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