Sexy Santa – My short story!




Check out my short steamy read, SEXY SANTA, part of the Mistletoe and Mischief anthology, alongside 37 other authors!

Here is an excerpt of my short steamy story, SEXY SANTA:

The whistling and clapping from the lively crowd reverberated through the room. Packed wall to wall with excited women, seated at tables around a black centre stage, their tables laden with cocktails, it would be a night to remember.

Club Eden was putting on their first ever Christmas show. The club, dimly lit, with only the illumination of red ceiling spotlights, held a bar, which overlooked the red velvet seating area’s, private booths, and podiums. R&B blasted smoothly from gigantic speakers, the lyrics every bit as hot as the air in the room.

The crowd were not only eager for the countdown to Christmas, but also to seeing the group The Players. Known for their memorable and mesmerising performances, they were the strippers to book, if they weren’t already scheduled for events all over the UK. Their dancing skills were phenomenal, their bodies flawless, and then their uniforms…they fulfilled every fantasy that had ever entered a woman’s mind. Police officers, firemen, military soldiers, sailor’s, the lot.

Reyna stuffed her iPhone back into her bag, and sighed heavily. Reaching for her drink, she gulped back the remains of her sweet Cosmopolitan. Her tight dress clung to her body, which made her fearful of moving too much in case it split, her six inch Louboutin platforms were pinching her feet, and her blonde hair that she’d spent ages backcombing, and hair spraying felt like it was weighing her down. Setting her glass on the table, she resumed her attention to her giddy friends.

“Come on, Rey,” Tara nudged her, a massive smile plastered on her face. “They’ll be on in five minutes.”

“Hmmm.” She mumbled. She hated strip shows, especially this one. The whole experience of watching men get their bits out, and gyrating in your face didn’t appeal to her. It embarrassed her, more than it aroused her.

“I’m so excited!” Kallie clapped with glee.

Reyna felt her muscles relax as she sat further back in her chair. The girls had really made an effort for Christmas Eve to be special. They had all been shopping for new dresses, hired a pink limo to arrive at the club in style, reserved the best front-row table, with a bucket of Dom Perignon chilling in ice. Surely she could make an effort, just for them.

“Cheers!” She poured herself another drink, and held her glass in the air.

“Cheers,” the girls squealed in unison.

The room went black for a moment, as the lights were cut off. Silence loomed in the air. Reyna bit her lip, anxiously, feeling herself tense again. Sliding her chair back slightly, she silently prayed that the dancers wouldn’t drag her onto the stage, or jingle their bells directly in front of her. Just the thought of being the centre of attention, beady eyes on her, made a heated blush creep up her neck.

“Relax.” Tara squeezed her arm, and giggled. “The show will be amazing.”

Xmas teaser

Xmas teaser4



Xmas playlist



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