R.E Danielle / T.D Dean- Shaded Colored Lies

Shaded: Colored Lies Coming soon

April 30th 2016 Amazon Kindle!


      Avery Foster was born into a magical world she knows nothing about. It has been kept a secret  her entire life. That is until a magical storm hits her home town. She knew there was something strange about it. Colorful lightening and amnious clouds dancing across the sky, calling to her. She thinks the storm is making her eyes play tricks on her. She sees people with glowing eyes, or does she?
Avery passes out during the storm and wakes to an unusal scene.  London, her best friend, and Owen, her boyfriend,  are worried.  In efforts to get Avery to a doctor, fate interveines.  A handsome stranger, Kage,  that appears and ignites something in Avery. A passion filled fire she can’t explain.
Avery is then intoduced into a world of magic and things she never thought possible.  When Avery is given a family heirloom, things get a little more challanging for her.  With her change into immortality due at anytime, things get worse.  She is faced with life changing decisions and challenges.
Will Kage be the answer to all her question? Will he be the missing peice to the puzzle, or will it be someone else?
Avery must now fight to hold  close everyone and everything she holds dear. Now,  with new found visions she stuggles with what is real and what is not.

R.E. Danielle and T.D. Dean.



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