Authors Blog Challenge

Authors Blog Blog Challenge. NEW.Authors blog challenge


What is the blog challenge? 

This challenge is where authors blog every Friday about a topic on the ‘challenge schedule.’ There are topics for each week of the month.

The authors will publish a blog post, of whichever word count they want, and include images.

The authors will also include the ‘challenge schedule’ graphic somewhere in their blog post, for every weekly blog post, so readers know what topic to expect the week after, and so other authors can see how to join in.

The authors will then share their blog post on their Twitter / Facebook / Instagram page (if you wish) and include the hastag #LifeBooksWriting. This way readers can search on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram using this hashtag to find the authors posts.

Example Facebook Status

For example, you’ve just posted the first topic of the month titled ‘My Writing Room.’ Your Facebook status will look something like this:

‘Check out my writing room on my blog! You will find info and pictures of where I usually write, the items I have surrounding me, and what I use for inspiration!

Next week I will be sharing my bookshelf and my latest reads!’


Blog post: (topic)

If you’re an author and fancy taking part in the weekly ‘blog challenge,’ go check out the ‘challenge schedule’ on my blog, use the hashtag #LifeBooksWriting and join in!

Example Twitter Status

‘Check out my writing room at:! #LifeBooksWriting

Example Instagram Post

writing room1

My writing room. To see more pics, and read about where I do most of my writing, go check out my blog at: #LifeBooksWriting

The purpose of the blog challenge 

To motivate you to blog more often.

To drive traffic to your blog.

To allow readers to get to know about ‘you.’

To get your books noticed, as topics are also about your books / characters / inspiration etc.

Please note:

If you can’t post on a particular Friday, don’t worry. It doesn’t matter if you post a day later. Post as little or as much as you like.

If you don’t feel comfortable blogging about a certain topic, don’t post that week.

If you wish to include your book cover / purchase links at the footer of every blog post so readers can easily find it, you can do so.

Please remember to include with every post: The hashtag #LifeBooksWriting and the below ‘challenge schedule’ somewhere in your post, for every blog post.

Here’s to getting more blog traffic and sharing our books to a wider audience.

If you know of other authors interested, direct them to this post, or send them the below document detailing this challenge.

Word Document: Blog Challenge Info.

Blog Challenge. NEW.


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