6 Book Marketing Tips

This weeks authors blog challenge is about marketing tips I have learnt that’s important to get your book out there. Whilst I’m no expert and I still have a lot to learn, here is what I have found to be helpful so far.

Interact. Whatever social site you are on, interact with people. Post interesting topics about you, your views and opinions too. Nobody likes just seeing book ads / posts everywhere. Let the readers get to know you.

Put yourself out there. Make sure that you’re on as many social platforms as possible. Mix it up a little. Facebook is great to share your views / opinions / videos. Instagram and Pinterest is brilliant for sharing your photo’s, whether it’s book content, topics you’re into, even TV shows etc. Twitter is good for Tweeting as many times as you want, and sharing other content without feeling that you’re bombarding your followers.


Share other books. You’re in the book industry now. Don’t just post about your own book and force sales on people. It can get a tad boring. Share other books too, whether it’s recommending a good book, sharing a freebie / sale book, or cross-promoting with other authors. If it’s the same as your genre, even better!

Be interesting. Again, don’t just share about your books. Talk about your hobbies, fave TV shows / films. Have opinions on stuff, upload photo’s, let the readers get to know you.  Do you blog about stuff? Do you share inspirational quotes perhaps, talk about beauty & lifestyle, or cooking etc. When I have a favourite author, I love to read their posts, see what they’re up to and even what they’re working on next.

Promote a professional looking product. If you’re marketing a unprofessional looking cover, or teasers, or a trailer which was poorly created, it will be much harder to get your book noticed and to sell. Always hire a professional cover designer, and ask them to create a few teasers too. Nothing is worse that teasers where you can’t read the writing, or it just isn’t nice to look at. Correct spelling and grammar is also the most important part of your product which definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. Always hire a professional editor.

Hold giveaways / competitions / exclusive content. Reward your readers / followers now and then. Hold competitions and giveaways. Also provide them with exclusive content, whether it’s a bonus / unseen chapter, a cover reveal before anyone else gets to see it, get them involved with book stuff, i.e. let one of them name a character etc.

Below is book swag I hold in competitions regularly, so if you fancy a chance of winning eBooks, swag and more, like my Facebook page and look out for them! 🙂



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