Lori Whitwam – The Dead Survive (Book 1)

Lori Whitwam The Dead Survive

Lori Whitwam – The Dead Survive

It should be easy to tell who the monsters are in the middle of global zombie pandemic…

The blank-eyed swarms of animated corpses who want to gnaw on your flesh. Well, those are the obvious choice, of course.

In reality though, it’s not always that simple.

In the early days of the global zombie pandemic, Ellen Hale learned a brutal lesson. While trying to survive the hordes of zombies, Ellen was abducted by a band of marauders and subjected to abuse almost beyond her ability to endure.

She is broken both mentally and physically, and fears she is on the verge of becoming a monster herself…Until she is rescued by a growing band of survivors and given a second chance.

Ellen is taken to “The Compund.” Where she meets ex convict, Quinn.

He’s everything she’d ever been taught to fear, but his presence is the only thing that makes her feel safe.

Will she be able to look past his rough exterior and learn to trust him? Or will the memory of the men who subjected her to such sadistic horrors ruin her chance at a new life?

Tag Line:

Sometimes the shambling animated corpses aren’t the worst things out there. Sometimes the monsters are human..


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