Character Inspiration

This weeks author blog challenge is character inspiration. When I write a story, I usually have an idea of what they look like in my head. It can be a celebrity, or someone completely fictitious. Personality-wise, I don’t base it on anyone real. They are completely imaginary. I would never want to take character traits from a person from a book, TV show, movie etc. I think it’s important that your characters are original and unique.

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For The Black Door Trilogy, my books (His Confession, Her Confession and Their Confession,) the main characters are Gabriella Woods and Darion Milano. There are other characters that make an appearance, such as Lexi, Gina, Marnie, Eva and Lawrence.

I won’t reveal what every single character looks like in my head, but here are some.

Gabriella Woods, 27.

Gabi is beautiful, caring, sometimes naive, and indecisive. Tall and slim with blonde hair and brown eyes, Blake Lively came to mind for this character. Her weaknesses are feeling a little lost, but desperately seeking the happy ever after. Blake Lively is one of my favourite actresses, especially in the TV show Gossip Girl. Serena Van Der Woodson was outgoing, but at times could be a little shy and lost, and that was similar to Gabi. She also adores shoes and dresses.


Darion Milano, 36.

Darion is daring, spontaneous, intriguing as well as protective, and caring has commitment issues, and a past that haunts him. Most of the time, he’s usually carefree, and laid back. Appearance-wise, he has mid-length dark hair, green eyes, mostly sporting stubble, and a broad 6ft’2 frame. Charlie Hunnam came to mind for Darion. Not Charlie as Jax in Sons Of Anarchy, but Charlie in the Calvin Klein advert. He looks every bit as sexy and mysterious as I wanted Darion to be.


Eva Rhodes, 32.

Eva is cunning, daring, bitchy, but immensely beautiful. With long dark hair, green eyes, full lips, a womanly body and tattoos, Angelina Jolie definitely came to mind. And who the hell wouldn’t be threatened by her?! (Poor Gabi.)


If you have read my book, I would LOVE to know which characters you had in mind for Gabi, Darion, Eva, Lexi, Gina, Lawrence and more!


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