A Day In My Life…

LifestyleThis weeks blog challenge is ‘a day in my life.’ It will be interesting to get to know other authors taking part in this, and what an average day is like for them. I wish I could say, ‘No day is ever the same,’ in my life, but unfortunately it’t not. It’s pretty predictable lol!

As most of my night is spent writing, (I write better when it’s peaceful,) I wake up a little late-ish. The first thing I do is housework. I then check my emails, do some blogging (I run a book and a beauty blog), post on social media, write an article for the newspaper, and then….I sunbathe!

The best part of my day is enjoying the sunshine here in Spain. I can be sunbathing in my garden, the pool, or one of the gorgeous beaches here. Other things I do throughout the day sometimes is going for a nice coffee, usually overlooking the beach, or port. Shopping is also something else that I enjoy, and sightseeing. There is never too much to explore here. I come across new things all of the time. If there are pool parties on, or events, I’ll go to them now and then. Ocean Beach Club is brill for pool parties, and Zoo Project is an amazing outdoor party.

I also read throughout the day and night. I love reading. I have so many books on my bookshelf and on my Kindle.

Blog Challenge. NEW.

Look out for next weeks blog challenge. Authors, take part! #LifeBooksWriting

So, after I have cooked and had dinner, and watched an episode of whatever series I’m watching, (Breaking Bad at the moment) I get down to writing. I pour a cup of coffee, open my laptop, and just write. Music or the TV is usually on in the background. I can’t write in complete silence. It drives me mad. I’m lucky if I get out between 1-4k words a night. Some nights though, nothing seems to come at all, and so I have to take a break. I also spend a bit of time promoting my book. His Confession was released in Feb. Book 2 and 3 will also be released this year.

The nights where I’m not writing, I PARTY! Well, go out for a drink anyway 🙂 The nightlife here is AMAZING! Es Paradis, Eden, the sunset strip, and Ocean Beach Club are walking distance from me. Then there are the superclubs, about 20 minutes away in the car. I love music and I love dancing, so having a decent night out here and there is just what I need.

What’s a day like for you? Feel free to add in the comments! 



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