Overcoming Writers Block

writing5I envy authors who don’t get writers block. I get it, and I hate it! One time, two months passed and I couldn’t get anything down. The words would not come to me. Sometimes, if you’re struggling to write, it could be because you’re pushing yourself too hard. I always take on more than I can manage, do a million things at once, and end up swamped and stressed. But, I work that way, and can’t change that. All we can do is organise ourselves and prioritise things. Here are some tips I have found when it comes to overcoming writer’s block.

Work on more than one project at a time. Sometimes, I work on a couple of manuscripts at the same time. If it’s not flowing for one, it might for the other.

Read a lot. As Stephen King says, ‘If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time, or the tools to write.’ Whenever you’re lacking motivation, or the words won’t come, READ! You never know an idea may come to you as you’re reading, and we all need a break from writing here and there. I always read in the genre that I’m writing in.

Watch TV / listen to music. Sometimes these can spark ideas also. Again, I have to watch shows that are similar to my writing. If I’m writing chick-lit / romance, Sex And The City and Gossip Girl are okay. If I’m writing crime / thrillers, then Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter, Breaking Bad are great shows. I try not to watch much TV though, as Charlie Hunnam would probably show too much in my writing lol!

Music really works for me. I create a playlist for every book that I write. Lyrics can cause ideas to come to me. It also helps set the scene. If I’m writing a break-up scene, I’ll listen to a soppy love song. If I’m writing an action scene, I’ll listen to something much heavier. And as for intimate scenes, it’s rock n’ roll 😉

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Give yourself a break. Go out for a walk, see friends, spend time enjoying another hobby etc. Sometimes when I’m at the beach, I’ll people-watch, or I catch conversations and it will spark ideas.

Write! As they say, you can’t edit a blank page. Writing is like exercise. We need to keep it up, as with exercise you have to continue to get those muscles strong, and it’s the same with the mind. If you write daily, or a few times a week, you should hopefully fall into a nice pattern.

If you have any tips, feel free to share them in the comments!


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