Scarlett Redd – Savannah’s Legacy


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.`•.¸.•´ ★Savannah’s Legacy

¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨) Scarlett Redd

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Savannah had it all. She worked as a legal secretary in a lawyer’s office, had a fantastic boyfriend, Beau, and was the dutiful daughter of strong Southern parents.

But life wasn’t always easy. Her mom’s cancer had returned. Savannah’s mother had run the household with a firm determined hand. Now she was confined to the hospital leaving Savannah to take her place and look after her demanding father and a fussy brother.

After one of her hospital visits with her mother before being able to reach her car, she heard a car backfire. Surprised and startled almost out of her skin, she was grabbed from behind and dragged away.

Meanwhile, Beau her boyfriend, and her brother T.J are wondering why she hasn’t turned up for T.J’s college football game. Where is she? It wasn’t like her to miss anything T.J was doing. Absent and without any word, it was so unlike Savannah.

Why would someone take Savannah? What possible motive can there be? How will her disappearance affect her mother and her family? What is the real reason behind her abduction?

Savannah’s emotions will be taken for a carousel ride gone wrong. When she finds out who is responsible for the betrayal, lies and making her a pawn in a dangerously twisted game how will she react.


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