My Dream Writing Space

beach houseWhen I think of my dream writing space, I instantly think of beach views, or a HUGE library (Beauty & The Beast style.) LOL! At the moment, there are times when I do take a notepad / my tablet to the beach, and jot down stuff there. It’s not the same as overlooking the beach constantly though, so here are my DREAM writing spaces.

Here is a house with a beach-view. I could just imagine sitting there with my laptop, writing away, the sun on my face, the sound of the waves filling the air, and that stunning view before me. And then when it gets a little hot, I have a nice, cool dip in the swimming pool. PERFECTION!

My other dream writing space is a writing room / library just for me. This room looks bright and gorgeous. I would of course fill it with inspirational quotes, good luck charms, Buddha’s and candles. I’d still want the view on the beach / pool out of the window though 🙂



What’s your dream writing space? Join in this author blog challenge and share! #LifeBooksWriting


Post by author S.Valentine




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