Audrey Randall – Playing Her Game excerpt!


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PLAYING HER GAME, a sizzling erotic suspense out NOW! Take a peek below!

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What would you do when your seduction runs into a snag?


Steph took in a deep breath as Dante opened the door. She had a plan. Follow the plan. She reminded herself as Dante appeared in the doorway, shirtless.

Damn! The man had more ridges than Ruffles chips on that washboard stomach. She licked her lips as she hungrily wanted to follow his happy trail from his belly button to where it advertised fulfillment. Follow the plan! She reminded herself as she pushed into his room, enjoying his shell-shocked look.

Shutting the door with a definite click, Steph locked it as she prepared herself to use all her feminine charms to get what she needed out of Dante. This may not be the kindest way, but she figured that it was the fastest. With the tournament tomorrow night, she didn’t have the time to spare.

“Dante de la Vega, I order you to lay down on the bed,” she said in an uneven voice. Her nerves were beginning to show as she played with the tie on her overcoat.

“Mi amor, I am more than willing to do whatever you command. However,” he murmured as he circled her, “we parted in less than friendly terms. If you just want to play, I’m not made for that. I need commitment.”

Steph started to melt a bit. Damn him! He was saying all the things that made her lady bits charge to life and her heart pitter patter. Follow the plan! He’s a bastard! She reminded herself as she gulped. Dante was definitely beginning to take the upper hand as he ran a finger down her arm.

Steph took a step back like she had been burned. She steadied herself to say the next words as carefully as possible. “Dante, I will not ask again! Lay down on the bed. NOW!”

Dante arched a black eyebrow at her. Fuck! He was gorgeous. How had he managed to write the stories for a magazine and not grace the cover was a mystery to her.

He looked to be sizing her up for a moment until he must have come to a conclusion and moved to the bed. Slowly, he lowered to the mattress and moved his hands to rest behind his head.

Steph moaned as his actions made his muscular biceps flex. He grinned, knowing the turmoil he caused in her, and patted the bed next to him.

Follow the plan! Steph reminded herself as she moved to stand next to the bed. She moved to open her trench coat, but found that she had subconsciously tied the tie into a knot with her nervousness. “Fuck!” she blurted out as she clawed at the tight knot.

Dante moved to get up, “Do you need help?”

“NO!” Steph yelled more forcefully than she meant to. With that, Dante held his hands up in surrender and laughed as he waited for her to present him with his prize.

After a moment of swearing and almost breaking a nail, Steph finally managed to untangle the tie. Letting out a sigh of relief she looked back down at Dante and almost forgot her plan. Steadying herself, she opened her coat.


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