Highly Recommended TV Shows & Movies!

I’m a complete film and TV series freak! Old or new, I don’t care. I love pretty much most genres: romance, comedy, action, horror, gangster. I’m always recommending good films and shows to people, and seeking new stuff. I have so many faves, so I thought I’d do a post advising you of MUST SEE films and TV series, if you haven’t already seen them.

Please also comment and advise me of any good films and shows that you have watched! 🙂

The star symbol next to a film means: Watch this film, like, NOW! It’s amazing! The crying face means that it’s an emotional film, and I cried. It don’t happen too often when watching films, so if it does, it’s a great heart-tugging film!

Romance/Chick Flicks

The Notebook * 😥
The Time Travellers Wife
P.S I Love You * 😥
Cruel Intentions *
Ten Things I Hate About You
The Girl Next Door *
She’s All That
Bridget Jones Diary
Sex And The City Movies
Twilight – ALL ** (FAVE!)
He’s Not That Into You *
Never Been Kissed *
Pretty Woman ** (FAVE!)
Dirty Dancing **(FAVE!)
Definitely, Maybe
The Proposal **
The Bounty Hunter
The Ugly Truth **
The Break-Up
Magic Mike **
Thelma & Louise
Hot Chick
Crazy, Stupid, Love
How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
The Great Gatsby
Breakfast At Tiffany’s
The Way We Were

True Story

Monster *:’(
Hachi – A Dog’s Story *:’(
Million Dollar Baby*:(
Riding In Cars With Boys *
Pursuit Of Happiness **
Deepwater Horizon **
Patriot’s Day
Hacksaw Ridge

Action / Gangster 

Commando *
True Lies
Terminator – ALL! **
Universal Soldier
Hard To Kill
Face Off **(FAVE of mine!)
Pulp Fiction *
Jackie Brown
Snatch *
Fight Club *
Scarface *
Goodfellas ** (FAVE!)
The Godfather (To watch)
Blow ** (FAVE!) True Story
Public Enemies **(FAVE!) True Story
Taken 1,2,3
American History X **
Law Abiding Citizen **
Reservoir Dogs
Die Hard – ALL
The Matrix – ALL
The Departed **
Savages **
We Own The Night
The Lincoln Lawyer
Four Brothers
John Wick


Daddie’s Home
Pirates Of The Caribbean
Meet The Parents – ALL *
Anger Management *
50 First Dates
Meet The Millers
Liar Liar **
Ace Ventura*
American Pie – ALL ** (FAVE!)
Horrible Bosses 1 & 2
The Hangover 1 & 2
As Good As It Gets

Horror / Thriller

The Shining **
Room 1408 ** (FAVE!)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre **
Frailty **
The Human Centipede  – Maybe don’t watch this. OK, watch it, be traumatised!
Saw – ALL
Spit On Your Grave *
The Hills Have Eyes
Wrong Turn
Amityville Horror
The Exorcist *
Halloween – ALL ** (FAVE!)
I Know What You Did Last Summer *
Scream – ALL ** (No.1 FAVE!)
Nightmare On Elm Street

Tear Jerkers

Gladiator * (FAVE!)
Troy *
Hachi – A Dog’s Story
Monster *
The Great Gatsby *
Midnight Express *


Django *
Blood Diamond *
Shutter Island **(FAVE!)
Inception **
Gangs Of New York **
Jack The Ripper
Alien – ALL *
Batman – ALL *
The Witches Of Eastwick
8 Mile
American Psycho *
Gone Girl **
The Lincoln Lawyer **


Recommended TV Programmes / Shows That I Loved

Shameless USA! ***
Sons Of Anarchy **
Suits ** (Currently watching.)
Poldark **
Secrets and Lies **
Peaky Blinders **
Dexter **
Breaking Bad **
Narco’s **
Entourage **
The Tudors **
Vampire Diaries (Currently watching)
Sex And The City
Prison Break **
The Hills
Keeping Up With The Kardashians
Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills *
Wahlburgers *
X Files
Friends **
Gossip Girl **

Vikings (To be watched)
Mad Men (To be watched)
Boardwalk Empire (To be watched)
The Wire (To be watched)
Power (To be watched)


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