Creative Interview – Ashley – Redbird Designs

  1. ash2Bio:  I am a cover designer, that in itself is very awesome and very difficult. Bringing someone’s story to life in a way is challenging and super fun!
  1. Thanks for taking part in the interview! Can you please tell us a bit about what you do? – I am a cover designer, so I create the book covers for authors books. I also can create swag items such as bookmarks, banners etc…

  1. Where did you learn such a skill to do this type of stuff? (Self-taught / college / a degree etc.) – I did go to college for ECommerce web design and had a few classes in photoshop, illustrator, flash etc… but mostly, I am self taught.
  1. How long have you been doing it for? – Gosh, been designing little graphics since high school, so like since ’99? I graduated in 2001
  1. What’s the highlight of what you do? – Making authors happy. I love creating a cover that really fits the stories authors read and love it when they fall in love. It’s the piece of the puzzle and I love making that piece fit!
  1. What’s the downfall in what you do? – Sometimes I make something that I really personally LOVE, but the author or publisher DO NOT love it.
  1. Do you have any tips or advice for anyone wanting to get started with this sort of creative role? – Practice Practice Practice!
  1. Can you tell us what a day in the life is like in respect of this role? – I wear multiple hats these days, so this is one of the hats I wear. Just need to have time dedicated to create covers and mock ups. Can’t throw a cover together in 20 mins, anyone can do that. You need time to thoughtfully plan every part.
  1. If you provide services, can you please advise where the best place to contact you is, and what services you offer? email – or FB Redbird Designs or my personal Ashley Byland





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