Christy Morgan – Undertow


UNDERTOW By Christina Morgan On March 21, 2017, Lexington native Christina Morgan’s novel, Undertow, was published. It is Morgan’s fifth novel of suspense.



Novel Details: Title: Undertow
Pages: 270 Genre: suspense
Subgenres: romantic suspense, psychological suspense, drama, crime, legal thriller
ISBN: 978-0692865552
Publisher: Twisted Road Books,
LLC Published: 3/21/17
Print: $12.99
Ebook: $2.99
Available: & Joseph Beth

Plot Summary: After years of struggling with emotional issues, thirty-something paralegal Kate Covey meets the man of her dreams. He’s an attorney, he’s handsome, he’s a perfect gentleman, and they enjoy a playful, witty banter. There’s just one catch. He’s married.

Refusing to be “the other woman,” Kate nearly walks away until Grant explains that his marriage to self-possessed, manipulative Marissa, a local county prosecutor, has been over for years. When Kate and Marissa have a confrontation one day on the beach, Kate sees that Grant was telling the truth about the demise of his marriage. She decides to give love a second chance.

Several weeks into their whirlwind romance, Marissa vanishes under mysterious circumstances. Grant instantly becomes law enforcement’s first and only suspect. Kate never loses faith in her new partner…until the day Marissa’s body washes up on the shores of the Outer Banks.

To work through her issues and her growing doubt about Grant’s innocence, Kate begins intensive therapy with her psychiatrist. When she discovers the shocking truth about her own traumatic past, as well as what really happened to Marissa, Kate struggles with the decision of whether or not to come forward. Because what she has to say will destroy someone’s life. Perhaps even her own.

N1About the Author: Christina Morgan is the author of The Flesh & Blood Trilogy (Like Father, Like Daughter/Family Ties/Brother’s Keeper, 2016) and Confessions of an Old Lady, 2016. Originally from Lexington, she currently lives in Nicholasville, Kentucky with her husband and two teenage daughters, three dogs, and two cats. She works full-time as a litigation paralegal and she blogs about books and writes novels of suspense in her spare time.

To learn more about Christina and her books, please visit her website at or her blog at

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