Jamie Lynn Boothe On Collaborative Writing!

erin2Bio’s: (Approx 100 words.) Jamie Lynn Boothe is from the south and will always be a southerner at heart. He currently lives in Connecticut. Jamie loves to write stories that will touch someones heart and soul to the depths and at the same time have them sitting on the edge of their seat. He is currently with Limitless Publishing and Black Rose Writing and is excited about what the future holds. Along with writing he also enjoys reading, art, music, movies, cats, naps on occasion, coffee and time with friends and watching sports. His favourite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees.


1.Please can you tell us about the book you’re working on with another author? Yes, and thank you for giving us this opportunity Sophia! The Morning After was an idea I came up with actually, by simply seeing a picture on another social media site of a cup of coffee near a pad of paper. I forget which site, but for some reason as soon as I saw it the idea began formulating in my head about an abused woman having a cup of coffee the next morning after a rough night with her husband. In one of the quickest times I have had so far the idea became a great theme for a story and even though I didn’t start it right away, I knew it had to be written.

2. What made you want to write a book with someone else? It felt like it would be fun to do. Also, I believed it would be helpful writing with another established author for promotional purposes. 

3. In what way is the writing process easier when writing with another author? With Erin it was extremely easy. It was the first time I had ever written with anyone and we basically fed off each other. After we talked about working together and who would write what part it was easy as pie. We both would be very excited about seeing what the other would create and how we would follow through. 

4. In what way is the writing process harder when writing with another author? Lol, after the first draft it became more difficult because of the editing and revision process, but we were able to work through it.

5. Do you both have an outline of the whole story first, or do you just go with it and surprise one another? We both let it flow and waited to see what the other would write and worked off that.

6. How does the process work with writing the story? I.E Do you each write a chapter until you get to the end? Do you have one character each? Do you write the scenes and the other author adds to it? We decided to each write a chapter and go back and forth. We also each chose a character and through the story wrote as them. 

7. What happens if you don’t agree on a scene / character your co-author has written? To be honest I don’t recall having that problem. I think it went rather smoothly. 

8. Do you find you can write a book more quickly when sharing the task, or does it take longer due to planning / amending / checking with the other author first? For us, on this novel, it went very fast. I believe the first draft took around two and a half weeks.

9. What do’s and don’t would you give to other authors that may wish to write with another author at some point? Talk to each other about each others strong points and weak points before starting. Most of all, have fun doing it.







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