Author Interview – Allie Harrison

AH2Bio: Greetings to all you readers! It’s nice to be here and spend some time with you. I’m Allie Harrison. I write paranormal and suspense with a touch of romance. And for those of you who want to turn up the heat, I write erotic romance (also suspense and paranormal) as Allie Quinn. I live in Southern Illinois, USA. When I’m not reading, crafting, making wine, spending time with friends and family around a campfire, or cooking, I’m busy creating new worlds and hot, unforgettable characters.


1.What got you into writing / what made you sit down and actually start something?I have always been a writer. I remember as a child reading the Little House books and being absolutely amazed that all Laura Ingalls Wilder had to do was write down things she’d experienced as a child, and, bam, she had a group of great books. My favorite part of English class in middle school was when the teacher would give us pictures of strange things and have us write a story about what we saw. For example, one I remember was hands pressed against what looked like different shaped blocks. It turned out to be people placing stained glass windows. For me, it was alien hands trying to get into my spaceship. I actually sat down and got serious about writing my own when my kids were small and napping. I took a bit of a hiatus while they were in school and we were doing so many activities. And recently my time again became my own, so I’m back at it! It feels SO good to be back.

2.What is a usual writing day like for you, how is it structured? I wish I could say I have a structured writing day, but with a day job and a family, my writing time is when I can stick it in. It might even come in the form of jotting down ideas in my notebook while I’m waiting on someone. I try to write something—even if it’s only one sentence—every day.

3.Do you get writers block? If so, how do you overcome it? I don’t really believe in writers block. I do believe I get burned out, especially after finishing a work in progress. Sometimes the brain just needs a rest. That’s when I take the time to read one of my own favorite authors. Reading always rejuvenates my muse.


5.Are you traditionally or self-published? I am both traditionally and self published. I don’t have rhyme or reason for either. Both have benefits. Both have negative aspects. When it comes to self publishing, I like that I can design my own covers. Almost all of my Haunted series books have a creepy cellar that is a major part of the story. So I opted to make certain stairs on the cover.

6. What was the publishing process like for you? Any advice to aspiring authors?For me, the publishing process is long…

My advice for anyone who wants to jump on this bandwagon would be to have patience and grow a thick skin. And never forget writing is subjective. You might get rejected just because some editor somewhere is having a bad day. But perseverance will pay off. If it’s really something you want, don’t give up. Never give up. You can give in. You can give out. But never give up.

7.What has been your highlight since becoming a published author? The highlight for me becoming a published author was exactly that—becoming a published author. I don’t really have an average of how long it takes for me to write a book. It simply depends on how well my characters speak to me. I wrote Hargrove House (The Haunted Book One) in one month while participating in the National Write a Novel in a Month after spending some time in the parlor of a supposed haunted house. But it took almost four months for me to finish Winsgate Drive (The Haunted Book Four), which is finally off to the editor as we speak.

8.Can you share a little of your most recent book with us, including genre and targeted audience? My latest book is Camden Place (The Haunted Book Three). The Haunted is a series of ghostly romances, all with hot heroes, even though they may be ghosts! The targeted audience would be anyone who wants a bit of suspense, a taste of romance, a hot, caring hero, all tossed into a creepy house where things might go bump in the night. If you love the old gothic novels, you’ll love my haunted series. And if you aren’t into ghosts, I also have some romantic suspense novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Let me say from the get-go that ALL of my books—even those part of a series—are stand alone books. You can read in any order.

Camden Place takes place in Charleston, South Carolina, my favorite city. If you ever visit it, be sure to take a nightly ghost tour! Blurb:   When Clare Newman steps into Camden Place, she is overwhelmed with the sense of home. From the scent of apple pie to the familiar squeak in the floor and the warm glow of candles on the dining room table, she discovers Camden Place to be a place she can find refuge from her nightmares.

…Except there’s a misty figure with a knife who disappears into the library.

…Except there’s Liam Camden, who built the house a hundred and seventy years ago, who doesn’t disappear, who is the only one who can see Clare.

But who is the real ghost? And can Clare change the past to save the future?

Camden Place is now available on Kindle and Print on Demand.


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