Kristal McKerrington – Interview On Collab Writing

Kristal2Kristal McKerrington has been a published author since 2010. She has books published worldwide and is known for pushing the boundaries of romance. Kristal has helped Solstice Publishing launch two new lines. Wrestling Romance (Sports Romance) and its Faith line. She is Scottish with a great passion for Viking history, travel and reading books. Her editing buddy Bob keeps her company through the writing process.


1. Please can you tell us about the book you’re working on with another author?Charlie’s Fight book 2 which is due out next year. This is the series that Joe has the most pride in.

2. What made you want to write a book with someone else? Joe’s personality and work ethic was what made me want to write with him. I never really thought about writing with someone until I met Joe.  

3. In what way is the writing process easier when writing with another author? I think the writer’s block becomes a myth as you have someone to bounce ideas off of. Someone else that looks for mistakes and offers suggestions to things that might not be working as well as you had hoped.  

4. In what way is the writing process harder when writing with another author? Getting schedules to line up so that we can sit down on Skype and work through the pieces that we are at. Knowing that whatever you write has to be read by the other writer before you can move on.

5. Do you both have an outline of the whole story first, or do you just go with it and surprise one another? We believe in outlining and breaking the chapters down so that we don’t get lost along the way. Its gives something to refer back to when we forget things and points we wanted to make. 

6. How does the process work with writing the story? I.E Do you each write a chapter until you get to the end? Do you have one character each? Do you write the scenes and the other author adds to it? We work together via skype and make sure that we are never getting too far ahead of the other writer. We share duties and make the best of our best assets.

7. What happens if you don’t agree on a scene / character your co-author has written? We discuss it and come up with a way to make everyone as happy as possible. You’re not going to always love their work and they aren’t always going to love yours.  

8. Do you find you can write a book more quickly when sharing the task, or does it take longer due to planning / amending / checking with the other author first? Faster for us because of the method we choose to use.

9. What do’s and don’t would you give to other authors that may wish to write with another author at some point? Do communicate with your co-author. Work with them and don’t be afraid to say what you think is best for the book. Don’t forget what is best for the book.

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