Author Interview – Amanda Mackey


Amanda Mackey is the author of contemporary romance. She has loved reading books since a very early age and writing became an extension of that.

She likes stories that touch people in some way and creates her characters with that in mind.




1.What got you into writing / what made you sit down and actually start something? This is the question I find the most weird to answer because believe it or not, it was right after seeing the movie Titanic at the cinema. Weird I know, but something about the story resonated within me and out of the blue, a story came to mind that I just had to get down on paper. Needless to say back then we didn’t own a computer so it was literally written the old-fashioned way.

2.What is a usual writing day like for you, how is it structured? My writing day is only structured when the kids are at school otherwise I write when I can. I try to write weekdays when I’m not working my other part-time job, between the hours of 9am and 1.30pm. Depending on my mojo, I can either get a lot done in that time, or not much.

3.Do you get writers block? If so, how do you overcome it? Yes! I seem to be getting it more, lately. I tend to read a lot so this often helps with inspiration. I don’t attempt to write during that time. I have a break from it. Inspiration comes from many things. Daily life. Movies. Books. People.

4.Are you a plotter or pantser when it comes to writing a story? I am a punster, although initially I do a very rough outline of the story so I don’t lose it in my head and then I basically just start. Too many books I’ve written take on a life of their own so I find it irrelevant to plot down to the finest detail.

5.Are you traditionally or self-published? Both. I have most of my books published with Limitless Publishing and I have an indie one.  6. What was the publishing process like for you? Any advice to aspiring authors? It took me 16 years to get published so I’m glad I never gave up. It’s not easy to keep the dream alive after so many years of trying but if you truly believe in your storytelling ability then keep at it. It will happen. Rejections happen. It’s part of the industry. Don’t let them sway your from your ultimate goal. It only takes one publisher to take a chance on you and there are many out there just looking for the next author.

7.What has been your highlight since becoming a published author? The people I’ve met! There are so many wonderful authors out there I have met and also cover models and photographers. I’m attending my first author event in October and the cover model on one of my books is flying out from Las Vegas to attend so that is something I never would have experienced! 

8.Can you share a little of your most recent book with us, including genre and targeted audience? My current WIP is a military romance series. I’ve recently completed book 1. It’s about a Black Ops soldier who wakes in a hospital with no memory. He doesn’t even know his own name. The nurse in ICU quickly becomes his only anchor to his current reality and the more time they spend together the closer they become. She’s determined to help him find out his identity but as pieces of the puzzle begin to unravel, both of their worlds are about to be changed forever.  

9.What tip would you give to new authors when trying to build a fan-base / get followers and market their books? (What to do and what not to do.) Don’t rely on only social media. Do giveaways and hold competitions to help build your email list. This list is a dedicated collection of people who are interested in your work and will more than likely make purchases when you have new releases. It’s hard work but you have to keep at it. Instafreebie is a great site for getting signups if you do a giveaway.  

10.How long on average does it take you to write a book? I’ll say three months. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. Usually more. I like to do at least a couple of drafts before sending it to the publisher to have it as polished as I can.  

11.Tell us about the book cover/s, how the designing came about, whether you had much input etc. With the publisher they have great designers. The authors fill out a cover sheet with all the relevant info and then the designer comes back with a cover. I have NEVER been disappointed! As an Indie author you get a lot more say in the cover but having said that, it does come out of your own pocket. I was lucky enough to meet my cover model David Santa Lucia who will be attending the author event in October with me and also the photographer who took the photo.  

12.Apart from writing, what do you do in your spare time? Read. Read. Read. Marketing. Lol. Spend time with family and friends. I’m a pretty simple person and I’m happy doing simple things.

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