James Porter – Online Tools For Writers


As a beginner writer, you have a lot of challenges to face. So why not make your job a little easier with some useful apps? Some writing tools can prove efficient, can save you time, keep you focused, help you when you reach writer’s block and be a friend in need. They are easy to install and use and have friendly interfaces.

So why not benefit from this writing help online? Of course, you can always rely on services like 123writings.com that can take your task at any moment, but in case you want to improve your writing experience at no cost, check out these apps:

1. Evernote

As a writer, you always look for useful materials in papers, magazines, and books which you put in a folder that gets bigger and bigger until you do not know anymore where to find that article that you really liked. So instead of losing your mind looking through hundreds of paper, you can use Evernote.  This is an application which you can use for all your gadgets, but also a website where you can have an account and log in remotely to check your stuff.

You can add anything from documents, emails, and photos, to websites. They will automatically sync across all your gadgets. You can use Evernote to monitor certain folders on your computer or to record audio.  All your notes are easy to find, encoded with GPS and easy to organize using folders and tags. You can share your notes or publish them on the Internet.

2. Penzu

It can be very frustrating to try and keep track of all your thoughts and ideas that might come up while you are writing. Since you are already on your computer to type a paper online, why not using with another purpose too? As a journal for example. Penzu offers a secure online journal that you can access from anywhere you have an Internet connection and which is easy to manage and use. Penzu has several interesting features such as adding photos, print what you have written, share it or secure it for nobody to see. You can put a password and even encrypt it.

3. FocusWriter

You sit down at your computer to start writing, and you get an email, and you cannot refrain from opening it, then you think that you can quickly check your Facebook, then you want to read today’s news in case you have missed something important. In this manner, you will never get your writing done. This is where FocusWriter comes in handy. The app, which is compatible with Windows, Linux and OS X, offers a distraction-free writing environment. This means that you will see on your screen a gray text area and nothing else. No sign from other applications or the operating system. It will take you back to the days when you had to buy paper and pens. No computers, no laptops, no gadgets.

The app also has a ‘daily goals’ features, which lets you set the amount of words or time that you want to spend on a task or per day. You will get a notification once you reach the number of words or when the time is up.

4. Thesaurus

Any writer needs a thesaurus and a comprehensive dictionary to broaden their vocabulary. If you need a word that simply does not come to mind, Thesaurus will help you. With this tool, you have access to hundred of thousands of words and meanings, as well as their origin and history and sample sentences. If you access the website, you can also find a list of quotes, a dictionary, references, etc.

5. Write Or Die

Its name is quite grim, but this app really helps you focus on writing. This free app is your friend when you want to fight writer’s block or writer’s block, by motivating you when you think and feel that nothing else works. When you stop writing for more than a few seconds, the app will give you gentle pop-up reminders to make you keep writing, a self-erasing text or an unpleasant sound that will not stop until you continue typing.

6. Factbrowser

Factbrowser is a rich discovery engine which you can use to find trends and statistics. You will no longer spend pointless hours to look for the information you need on the Internet. You can also find reports, surveys, studies, stats and any other facts that you might need for your paper writing.

7. Hemingway

The Hemingway tool will help you simplify your writing so that you can express your ideas in a more concise and clearer manner. It will eliminate adverbs that are not necessary, the use of passive voice and it will show you the sentences that are too long so that you can revise them.

Using these tools for the writing process will never catch you off guard again. Use these online apps to make your writing easier, but also to have a good handle on the time you spend during the process. Use them to produce more interesting and high-quality content for your readers.




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