Alessandra Torre – Love In Lingerie

I enjoy Alessandra Torre’s books and have read quite a few, so I was looking forward to this read.

This book is about Trey who owns Mark’s Lingerie Company. When Kate gets a new job there, they’re both attracted to one another, but know they can’t overstep the mark and mix business with pleasure. Kate has a boyfriend, and Trey can’t risk his company being affected.

There’s lots of sexual tension throughout the book, and flirting between Trey and Kate. But it goes further than that when they actually become friends, and are there for one another. Will Kate realise she doesn’t have as much in common with her boyfriend as she believed? And will Trey confront his feelings for Kate, and push his professional manner aside?

This was a nice, light, romantic read by Alessandra. The cover is also absolutely stunning. Oh and not to mention the cool quotes appearing in some chapter endings such as, “If this woman was lingerie, I’d strip it off and then properly show her who is in charge.”



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