A Traditional English Christmas – 2014.

I went home to England for Christmas and had such a lovely time! My mom had decorated the downstairs with Christmas decorations, making it look like a mini grotto for all the grand-kids that she has (: The table also looked lovely, which my mom is especially pleased with each year.

As usual, on Christmas morning, we all went and opened presents together, with Christmas music playing in the background (Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra to be exact.) My dad loves them.

My mom cooked dinner and most of the family came round. Dinner consisted of a big turkey, potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, mash and roasted potatoes with cranberry, mustard or mint sauce. The pudding was a choice of Christmas pudding (which i don’t like), chocolate gateau or trifle. My mom always stocks up on loads of sweets, crisps and cakes over this period so I definitely overindulged! Can you tell I LOVE this time of year?! LOL!

My mom also made a full English breakfast some mornings. For non English followers, this is toast, bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and hash browns, (very nice greasy breakfast!)

My other half bought me a two-tone Michael Kors watch, which i can wear with gold or silver accessories, and I bought him a lovely Diesel watch which looks very bling πŸ˜€ I received gifts from my loved ones such as: slippers, comfy winter socks, fancy cup with marshmallows & hot chocolate, photo in a lovely frame from my nephew, lovely bath sets, accessories, books, perfume, money which I usually go on a shopping spree and lots of chocolate!

I absolutely loved being home! I don’t think Christmas is quite the same without your loved ones around you. I’m family orientated, so spending time with them and seeing my cute nephews was the best!

Oh, and on Christmas eve me, my other half, sister and her boyfriend went to an Italian restaurant, The Bellagio where we ate and drank wine and cocktails.

I have everyone had a great day and a good new year! πŸ˜€




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