Alison Mello – Finding Love

AlisonReview: Chris is the worst kind of husband you can imagine. A pilot he’s never there and when he is he emotionally abuses his wife and son. When he cheats on Abbey and leaves her and their teenage son Brian for a co-worker it takes Abbey sometime to put their life back together. After a messy divorce in which Chris sells the family home and destroys what little confidence Abbey had, Brian no longer wants to see his father.

Dragged back into the real world by her friends Abbey unexpectedly meets the sexy security firm owner Seth and instantly is ensnared by his easy going charm and compassion. When Chris sees that Abbey and Brian have moved on happily without him, Chris snaps and the stalking begins. But Seth may have found the woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life and he’d be damned if someone’s going to hurt them on his watch.

I love Seth – how could you not? Alison does an amazing job of making you believe that Seth is able to rebuild a broken woman and show her the life she deserves.

I can’t wait til book 2!