Always – Jennifer Labelle

Always_FrontBlurb: Teegan Hallowell might be a good girl, but she’s tired of being teased for following the rules…

When her brother’s sexy best friend Liam Bates shows an interest, Teegan learns all about the good kind of being bad. But Liam’s ex-girlfriend Lucy shows up and destroys everything, especially Teegan’s trust in him. Crushed, she heads off to college in a new city, leaving behind the only guy she’s ever loved.

Ten years later, Teegan returns home to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Already afraid she’s making another mistake, Teegan is shocked to discover her nephew’s best friend LJ is actually Liam Junior—the son Liam had with Lucy. She’s already formed a bond with the endearing boy, and realizes she’s also still in love with his father. Too bad she’s not good enough for either of them, being a shattered shell of a person, thanks to Oliver.

Liam, however, has his own agenda—getting Teegan back.

Now that the love of his life is back in town, he has no intention of losing her again, and he’s more than willing to leave all other women behind. One woman in particular, though, schemes to make sure Teegan stays far away from Liam, but he catches on quickly and finally wins the battle to regain Teegan’s trust—and love.

Though all Teegan wants is to start over, her past isn’t done with her yet.

Can Liam save Teegan from an obsessive monster, or will they lose their second chance at always…forever?

Review: Let me just say that from page one, I loved this book!

Even though Teegan tried to outrun her problems and as they always do, they didn’t stay away for long, the relationships in this book are real. James and Teegan have the ultimate brother/sister relationship and I love the fact that they don’t try to be anything but.

However the best part of the book for me was one of the minor characters. Liam’s son, LJ. His compassion, honesty and some of the things he says makes him wise beyond his years, but Jennifer has done such a great job writing that even though he seems older than he is, it’s real in the way she has written it.

I couldn’t put it down and read into the early hours of the morning. A great feel good, slightly emotional, summer beach read!