Becoming A Weekly Newspaper Features Writer! – Apr 2014.

In December I emailed some magazines on ideas I had that would be great for their readership, something different and fresh, however I didn’t receive responses, which was disheartening. You’d think these type of companies would at least acknowledge receipt of my letter / email. 

I’d also emailed my interest in a local printed and online newspaper, which I always read. It’s an English paper distributed over the Ibiza island and Formentera called The Ibizan. I was called for a meeting. I was so nervous! I went with a folder of ideas, and suggested articles and completely rambled on and on, which I tend to do sometimes! Lol. 

And I was given the position. I got straight only writing articles, mainly about events in the town I live in. I went exploring to different beaches, checked out new shops, restaurants, and anything new in the area to write about. So much fun. 

I’m really pleased. I see the paper almost everywhere I go: in bars when I’m having a coffee, in shops, newsagents and more!

You can check out my articles on events, fashion and lifestyle online or on my Facebook uploads.