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Bio: Bonnie Griffin, known as Author B.M. Griffin, lives in the small town of Richlands, North Carolina with her husband and two daughters. She has been successful in the business world, obtaining her Business Management Associate’s Degree from Miller-Motte College, and becoming a highly successful Branch Manager in the financial industry. Now Bonnie is pursuing her Master’s degree in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University as she works on making her dream of being a writer a reality; a dream she has desired since she was only ten years old.

Bonnie grew up in a broken home where reading became an outlet and a sanctuary.  It was this sanctuary that led to her desire to create fantasies for others to enjoy in the hopes of creating worlds that readers could use for their own escapes just as she had growing up.

Bonnie has an avid imagination and loves creating new worlds, creatures, species, and bringing them together through action and most of all, love. Her first novel, “Loving Her Scars”, is a Paranormal Romance that is sure to capture readers’ hearts and pull them into a wonderful world full of fantasy.

1.What got you into writing? My love for reading. I have always loved being captivated by a great story and decided I would like to bring that kind of joy to others with my own writing. 

2.Can you tell us about your latest self published release? Feel free to include the blurb and purchase links.I have a great love for paranormal romance, particularly when I am surprised with a new take on an old notion, like the werewolf. This love inspired “Loving Her Scars” where Shayla and Adam break down the barriers on stereotypical werewolves. Shayla’s past adds another layer to the story. I was able to incorporate a little of my own experiences overcoming the mental repercussions of abuse to her character. The scar on her face is only a small reflection of the scars that weigh down her mind and her heart. It is a big hurdle for anyone to overcome, and one that Shayla must see her way through while fighting to survive in a new world full of werewolves and magic. Adam’s love for her helps her see the way, but he too must overcome his own hurdles—his need to protect her at all costs—if Shayla is to become the strong person she was meant to be.

Loving Her Scars Blurb

Shayla’s scars run deeper than those on her body. Being beaten by a man you loved can do that to you. Shayla barely survived her first love, Eric. He left her broken and scarred in more ways than one.

Her best friend Adam is the only man she has been able to trust since. Friends since childhood, Adam has been in love with Shayla for as long as he can remember. He couldn’t save her from Eric, but he is determined never to fail her again. There’s just one little thing she doesn’t know—Adam is a werewolf.

Shayla gets sucked into a world of werewolves and finds herself opening up to Adam’s love, but there is one alpha wolf who threatens to take it all away. If they are going to survive they’ll need to come together to fight for each other and their pack. Can Shayla find the strength to leave her past behind and fight for the future she wants, or will she hide and lose herself to the pain all over again?





3.What made you self publish and not go down the traditional route?
One of my favorite authors, someone who’s work inspired me to write, is a self-published author. Talking with her she always says she wouldn’t have it any other way. Self-publishing gives me complete freedom to write what I want, when I want, and to hit publish whenever I feel ready.

4.How long does it take you to write a book? It honestly depends on the book and how long the story ends up being. It can take a month, or it can take three months, and I am sure as I experiment with longer books even longer. I wrote Loving Her Scars in a month, then began the editing process. I am on track to finish writing my second book within a two month period.

5.How did you know when your manuscript was ready to be published?
I am probably my biggest critic. This is true in everything I do but even more so with my writing. When I read it through and fell in love with the story and my characters all over again I knew it was ready.

6.When it comes to formatting, cover design, uploading of books, do you do it yourself, or hire someone? If you hire someone and wish to promote their services, you may do so. Other than the cover I did everything myself for Loving Her Scars, with the expection of getting help editing. The wonderful Harper L. Jameson at Dark City Designs made my beautiful cover. She has also created the cover for the next book I will be publishing, Aurora, and the sequel to Loving Her Scars.

7.Which websites / programs / apps can you recommend in respect of getting a manuscript published to an eBook and paperback? Prior to publishing my first book I wrote several books as a freelancer. I have used Word, Ulysses, and Scrivener and I can say without a doubt Scrivener is the best tool I have found. It makes everything about the process easier and more organized. It does take time to learn about all of the amazing features, but once you do I don’t see how anyone could write using different software again. That being said, I wrote and published Loving Her Scars in Ulysses. It is also a great tool once you learn to understand Markdown, and it did create a beautiful ebook which made uploading to Amazon a breeze. It just doesn’t have the organization that Scrivener offers and for that reason Scrivener is the winner in my book. 

8.Do you have any tips for a self published author getting their books in stores? Not at this time. I am still learning myself and do not currently have my book available anywhere other than Amazon.

9.What are the pro’s and cons of self publishing?Having complete control of everything from what I write to when I hit publish is the biggest pro. However, it is a log of work and the costs can add up quickly with editing, proofreading, marketing, optional P.A. services, costs of covers, etc.

10.Apart from writing, what do you do in your spare time? When I am not writing I’m spending time with my family, reading, or doing homework online with Southern New Hampshire University where I am working towards a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing.I also like to have scary movie nights with my two daughters. We love all things horror, and zombies go to the top of the list.


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