Book Blog Tours – BarbDrozdowich

barbBlurb: What’s your verdict on Book Blog Tours?

Great idea…or a waste of time and money?

Not sure what a book blog tour can do for your visibility as an author or the promotion of your book? Are you considering trying out a Book Blog Tour to market your newest release? Do you want a primer that will help you take confident steps into the book promotion world?
Book Blog Tours teaches you about Tours (either hired or DIY) from the point of view of a Blogger and a Reader.

Book Blog Tours covers topics such as:
• The Hows and Whys of book blog tours
• Book Marketing on blogs
• How to set goals for a blog tour
• Giveaways from the point of view of a blogger and a reader
• How to plan a DIY blog tour
• Contains spreadsheets and checklists that will help you organize your tour

˃˃˃ Work your way through the topic of book blog tours in a step-by-step fashion, both from the point of view of hiring a service as well as the DIY type of tour.

Book Blog Tours looks at blog tours differently than other books. This book challenges commonly held beliefs and has you thinking and planning before acting on your next tour.

Review: This book is brilliant! It’s perfect for authors that want to know more about how to use blog tours for marketing and promoting their books. It advises you of the pro’s and con’s of hiring a blog tour, or doing it yourself, and if you choose the latter, what you need to do. It answers any questions in which you may have: are tours effective, what do they actually do, setting goals to organise them, and more. The book is perfectly sized at 60 pages, with everything in that you need. Barb gas also written other book about author marketing and promotion, and I would definitely read more! Oh, and there are also helpful spreadsheets / documents for download also, which Barb has mentioned in this book.