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The creator of Lifestyle & Literature reviews several genre’s, including: chick-lit, women’s fiction, erotica, some memoirs, thrillers / crime, and self-help.

If you’re interested in having your book reviewed, please email the book cover, blurb, and any teasers to love-reading@hotmail.co.uk with ‘BOOK REVIEW REQUEST’ in the subject line.

Reviews will be posted on this blog, Amazon, Goodreads and shared via Facebook and Twitter. Please allow 2 weeks for the book to be reviewed.

Authors / Publishers – L&L is currently only accepting paperback books / ARC’s. Note: Since we are spending our limited time reading the book, reviewing it on several platforms, writing a well-thought up review, and posting / promoting it online, we’d like a book we can take anywhere, and read on the go. We spend far too much time on the computer as it is. We will also then pass the book to a friend, and advise them to do the same, and rack up more reviews for you.

In order – Most recent reads first.


Jeanine Kitchel – Wheels Up

Abbi Glines – The Vincent Boys

Colleen Hoover – It Ends With Us

Alessandra Torre – Love In Lingerie

J.A Huss – Three, Two, One

Colleen Hoover – November 9

Colleen Hoover – Ugly Love

Sylvia Day – One With You

Jade West – Sugar Daddies

Marina Anderson – The Dining Club

Beth Kery – Because You Are Mine

Alessandra Torre – Blindfolded Innocence

Jodi Ellen Malpass – One Night Series

L.J Shen – Vicious

Kennedy Fox – This Is War

Maria McCartan – Little Dark Pieces

Meredith Wild – Over The Edge

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Matthew Catania – The Delorious Adventures Of Brother Banenose

KSR Burns – The Paris Effect

Lilly James – Addicted To Mr Parks

Addison Kline – Miles Away

Gail Olmsted – Guessing At Normal

Cristina Slough – Till Death Us Do Part

Book Blog Tours – Barb Drozdowich 

Discovered – Kim Black

Nobody’s Obligation – Rebecca Barber

Denying Mr Parks – Lilly James

High Heels in New York – A.V Scott

The Braille Club – J.A Kerr

Secrets Of The Royal Wedding Chapel – Kathleen Irene Paterka

Hollywood Dirt – Alessandra Torre

Shot Of Sin – Eden Summers

Union Of Sin – Eden Summers

The Comeback Girl – Katie Price

Grey – E.L James

Dangled Carat – Hilary Grossman

Crossfire Series – Sylvia Day

Red Tide – Gene Ayres

My Best Friends Girl – Dorothy Koomson

This Man Confessed – Jodi Ellen Malpas Book #3

Beneath This Man – Jodi Ellen Malpas Book #2

This Man – Jodi Ellen Malpas  Book #1

Beautiful Bastard – Christina Lauren 

Killing Monica – Candace Bushnell

The Day We Disappeared – Lucy Robinson

It’s Got To Be Perfect – Haley Hill

The Dead Game – Susanne Leist

The Woman In The Fifth – Douglas Kennedy

One Thing Led To Another – Katy Regan

Chelsea Wives – Anna-Lou Weatherley

How Do You Know – Meredith Schorr

Send More Idiots – Tony Perez-Giese

Shopaholic Abroad – Sophia Kinsella

Too Close For Comfort – Clare Dowling

Lady Boss – Jackie Collins

Dating Game – Danielle Steele

The Ice Cream Girls – Dorothy Koomson

Marrying For Money – Chrissie Manby

Son Of Sam – Ian Lowell

Spice – Scarlet Smith

Forget You Had A Daughter – Sandra Gregory

How To Seduce A Billionaire – Portia Da Costa

Seduction – Violetta Rand 

Playing With Fire – Kat Black

We’ve Always Got New York – Jill Knapp

What Happens To Men When They Move To Manhattan – Jill Knapp

The Girl Behind The Mask – Stella Knightley

The King Tiffany Reisz

Compromise Agreement – Isobel Hart

Vanilla – Megan Hart

Savages – Don Winslow

The Time Of My Life – Cecilia Ahern

Is This All There Is – Patricia Mann

The List – Joanna Bolouri

Single Woman Seeks Revenge – Tracy Bloom

A Girl Like You – Gemma Burgess

Has Anyone Seen My Pants? – Sarah Colonna

Do You Come Here Often – Alexandra Potter

Age Sex L ocation– Melissa Pimentel

Bedside Manners – Phoebe Fox

True Confessions Of A London Spank Daddy – Peter Jones

Shooting Stars – Jennifer Buhl

Melting Ms Frost – Kat Black

A Girl Called Summer – Lucy Lord

Revenge Wears Prada – Lauren Weisberger

The Accidental Call Girl – Portia Da Costa

When I Wasn’t Watching – Michelle Kelly

Remember Me – Sophia Kinsella

Sunlounger – Over 30 different authors

Wives v Girlfriends – Katie Agnew

Plastic Paradise – Carlie Pettitt

Corrupted –  Emmy Yoshida

How To Get A (Love) Life – Rosie Blake

Wicked Wives – Anna-Lou Weatherley

Hollywood Sinners – Victoria Fox

Slave Girl – Sarah Forsyth

Sold – Tess Stevens

Chasing Harry Winston – Lauren Weisberger

Everyone Worth Knowing – Lauren Weisberger

Last Night At Chateau Marmont – Lauren Weisberger

I Heart New York/Vegas – Lindsey Kelk

Sapphire – Katie Price

Paradise – Katie Price

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy – E.L James

Finding Home – Abbey K Davies

Lucky – Jackie Collins

Lady Boss – Jackie Collins

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

I Can Make You Rich – Paul McKenna

Letter From Hell – M.Lee Mendelson

Brooklyn Girls – Gemma Burgess

The Paris Effect – K.S.R Burns

Jeep Tour – Gail Ward Olmsted

Guessing At Normal – Gail Ward Olmsted

The Dolorious Adventures Of Brother Banenose – Mathew Catania

Consequences – Aletha Romig

You’ll Find Me In Manhattan – Jill Knapp

Miles Away – Addison Kline

Broken – Skyla Madi

Fixed On You – Laurelin Paige

Plastic Paradise 2 – Carlie Pettit

Undressed – Avery Aster

Scandalous Lies – Nigel May

Pleasure Island – Anna-Lou Weatherley