Christmas in Spain – 2013.



It’s so pretty in Ibiza at Christmas. There are decorations, lights and trees everywhere 😀

This week I went to Eivissa Town, checked out the shops, the Christmas markets, the castle with a stunning view, the beach and had a nice drink & cake outside a little cafe.

I also went to a mini fairground where my other half won two Marilyn Monroe holders, which I love. I have a lot of Monroe and Audrey Hepburn stuff in my room. It was a really nice day out.

I spent NYE in Ibiza last year, however this year I will spend Christmas and NYE with my family in England. I’ve missed them all so much and cannot wait! I have literally just packed my suitcase.

The past few weeks, I have also been writing an awful lot! And I mean: A LOT. My story, freelance article writing jobs and reading. I can’t wait to get my story out there. I absolutely love it. I will add previews soon. I will also be looking for BETA readers and bloggers to send first copies out to, as I’d really appreciate some feedback, and nice reviews of course (:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I will be back online soon to blog about my trip to Barcelona (in 2 days time!), Christmas in England, Winter Wonderland in London and add some more articles.

Oh and I got some new make-up. I have tons of the stuff, but can’t help getting more. Chanel, Dior and Mac are my fave! 😀

For now, here’s some photo’s.










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