Cleary James

Endgame ClearyCleary James is the indie (and smutty) alter ego of a traditionally published author of romantic comedy. The Endgame is her first erotic romance novel and she is currently working on a sequel.

1.Can you tell us about your most recent book? The Endgame is about Lisa, who is in an abusive relationship with her controlling, possessive boyfriend, Mark. She plans to leave, but she’s waiting until she can save enough money to start a new life. Then she meets Grayson Fielding – a wealthy, successful and drop-dead-gorgeous architect. There’s instant chemistry between them, but Lisa holds back as she doesn’t want to get involved. However, when Mark’s demands become intolerable, she offers to have sex with Grayson in exchange for the money she needs to escape. It’s steamy and romantic, with an element of suspense.

2.Where did you get your inspiration from for this book? It started with the dinner party scene at the start of the book, when Mark brings Lisa into a swinging scenario without telling her. That was the first scene I wrote, and the rest of the story sprang from that – asking myself who these characters were, how they’d handle the situation and what happens next.

It was also partly about flipping the script on a lot of erotic romance stories I’ve read where the hero is very controlling and possessive, and isn’t actually very nice to the heroine at all – sometimes being downright cruel and abusive. That’s the guy Lisa’s with at the start of The Endgame, the guy she wants to get away from.  I wanted to write a sexy story with a really hot hero who also likes and respects women, and doesn’t treat the heroine badly.

3.How do you come up with your hot male character/s? Are they based on anyone you know or purely fictional? Sadly, they’re purely fictional – I don’t know anyone that hot in real life. I do use famous men as inspiration, though. I have a few regular ‘muses’.

4.What advice would you give an aspiring author when it comes to writing a good erotic scene? The do’s and don’t. Remember to include all the senses. Sight and touch are obvious, but smell, sound and taste can really add layers and variety to descriptions. Don’t get too bogged down in describing every single move and touch – add some of the emotional aspect too, and tell us how the characters feel. At the same time, avoid over-flowery descriptions and hyperbole. You need to strike a balance between the mechanics of the act and the emotion. And please no silly euphemisms.

5.Share no more than two paragraphs of a spicy scene from one of your books with the readers. Grayson bent to her and gently sucked the strawberry from between her lips, his breath hot in her mouth. He pulled back slightly as he chewed and swallowed, and then he kissed her again, opening her lips with his. She tasted strawberry juice on his thrusting tongue as it tangled erotically with hers.

‘Mmm,’ he groaned as he pulled away. ‘Strawberry and you – sensational.’

Then Mark’s mouth was on hers, hard and demanding, while Grayson’s lips trailed down to her breasts. She closed her eyes, gasping as Grayson drew hard on her left nipple, sucking off the strawberry. Mark kissed his way down her neck, and then they were both licking, nibbling and suckling at her breasts. When she felt teeth graze her nipple, she knew it was Mark even with her eyes closed. His lips closed around the sensitive nub, tugging hard until she whimpered in pain, the violence of his touch contrasting with the sensual tenderness of Grayson’s on her other side.

6.Do you ever get shy about people you know reading your erotic romance novels? If yes, do you have advice for others in respect of overcoming this? Yes, with certain people – and not always the ones you’d expect. I have no problem with my mum reading my stuff, for example. She loves it! But I have a friend who’s quite squeamish about it – it’s more about her embarrassment than mine. As for how to overcome it – you don’t have to show it to them at all if you don’t want to. Use a pseudonym – no one has to know!

7.Name 5 of your favourite erotic romance novels. (Series by the same author are classed as 1.)

Waking Kiss by Annabel Joseph

Bared to You by Sylvia Day

Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James

Denying Mr Parks by Lilly James

A Shot of Sin by Eden Summers

8.Name 4 of your favourite erotic romance book covers.

Fifty Shades trilogy – They’re elegant and understated

J Kenner’s Stark series – I love the splashes of colour against monochrome

Denying Mr Parks – It’s subtly sexy

This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas – Simple and beautiful

9.Name 4 must-see sexy movies with sizzling chemistry and hot scenes.

9½ Weeks

Close My Eyes

The Big Easy

Young Adam – Featuring Ewan McGregor. Every bit of him

Cosmopolis – This isn’t a sexy movie per se, and it just has one hot scene. But it’s possibly the hottest I’ve ever seen – and it’s Robert Pattinson.

10.Lastly, choose two characters from your most recent book and complete their profiles. Let the readers get to know them.

Female character:

Name: Lisa Matthews

Good qualities: Caring, loyal and warm-hearted. A talented artist.

Bad qualities: Insecure, under-confident and somewhat naive. She’s been too timid in the past, and she lacks self-esteem, but she’s working on changing that.

Turn ons:  Intelligence, creativity, someone who pays attention to her needs and desires.

Turn offs: Domination, aggressive behaviour


Male character:

Name:  Grayson Fielding

Good qualities: Considerate, intelligent, kind. He’s a good friend and very protective of the people he cares about. Passionate and enthusiastic about his work. Ambitious and driven.

Bad qualities:  Um … I can’t think of any. He’s kind of perfect, but not in a boring way, I hope!

Turn ons: Enthusiasm and responsiveness. Knowing he’s giving a woman a good time in bed is the biggest turn-on for him.

Turn offs:  Anything his partner doesn’t enjoy. He aims to please! So any sense of reluctance or unwillingness on her part is a turn-off.