Corrupted – Emmy Yoshida


Blurb: GRITTY, GLAMOROUS & GRIPPING! Corrupted is a sexy thriller and an eye-opening insight into a world where the champagne flows like water and people are disposable commodities.

Ria Kimura is a student in London. Sick of struggling for money she starts working in an exclusive gentlemen’s club and quickly becomes accustomed to the champagne lifestyle. But is the girl who stalks the night seducing strangers about to bite off more than she can chew?

Brad Harrison is an Australian entrepreneur, in London for business and pleasure. Handsome, rich and ruthless, he is on the lookout for something special to keep him entertained.

Andrew Wilson is a young English traveller, intent upon enjoying his freedom and living out his Australian dream; completely oblivious to the fact that it is about to become a living nightmare.

Diane Mackenzie is the owner of Sydney’s premier gentlemen’s club. A glamorous business woman with a heart of gold, she mothers all of her dancers and would do literally anything to protect her girls.

People from all walks of life and opposite ends of the earth, people who’s fates are about to collide with catastrophic circumstances…

A fascinating glimpse into a world of seduction, power, sex and money, where cash is king and looks are deceptive; Corrupted is a dramatic Australian adventure and a shocking tale of survival that will have you hooked until the very end.

Review: The first thing that attracted me to this book was the cover, it looks so glam. The second thing was after reading Emmy’s blog, she seemed like such a lovely person, providing tips and help to other self publishing authors. The third thing was the blurb. Fantastic! I read the first few chapters, and was hooked, I wanted to know what happened. The main character was so likeable and relatable, I even had to ask Emmy if much of it was non fiction. Her characters are described in depth, from their thoughts and mannerisms. The narrative voice was brilliant (told in the first person for the main chracter, and third person for the other characters.) I thought that I would find the switching of voices, and the amount of characters confusing however it never was. Emmy is skilled at giving all of her characters a unique individual personality. Her writing style is great and very descriptive. The ending was unexpected, (I won’t spoil it) however, I’m off to message Emmy for some more info. Great entertaining read.