Dawn Stanton – Waiting For Him

dawnReview: Talk about an emotional roller coaster!

Shelby’s pregnant, but who’s the father? Her fiancé Jeff or the man who walked away from her three years earlier only to reappear as her boss who she has a quick one night stand with?

Shelby is a mess – while she navigates the web of lies surrounding her, battles her guilt and tries to control her out of control, raging pregnancy hormones. It seems everyone wants something from her and all she needs it some time and space to figure out her next move.

When baby Liam is born, Shelby pushes everything else aside and dedicates herself to becoming the best mother she could possibly be.

Stanton does an incredible job of navigating the jumble of emotions from all involved – Shelby’s guilt, Jeff’s disgust and disappointment, Garrett’s hopes and Jake’s unrequited love.

I read this book and changed who I wanted Shelby to end up with more times than I could count. A great read, you won’t be disappointed with.