Deadly Hallows

12983352_10209529821548961_4045411357872639542_oBlurb: A murder in a small town sends the people of Shady Hallows into sheer panic…

Seventeen-year-old Casey Hale lives in a rustic town where everyone knows everyone—and everyone’s business. When word of a murdered teen sweeps through the tight-knit community, fear quickly wipes away their illusion of safety.

Then comes the official report…

A young girl, Sophie Peters, has been found dead in the woods. Her death was supposedly caused by an accidental overdose—or maybe suicide.

Deep down, Casey knows—Sophie’s death was not an accident.

Besides the fact they look like long-lost twins, Sophie once saved Casey’s life, and now Casey is determined to repay her by bringing her killer to justice. The search for the town’s first murderer is on, leading Casey down a road of lies and deceit.

The people she thought she knew aren’t at all who they seem…

As she digs deeper into the case, Sophie’s older brother, Mason, becomes determined to help find his sister’s killer. He won’t rest until they stop the monster responsible for leaving his only sibling to die in the woods. Mason would like to call it justice, but in reality, it’s more like a hell-bent mission for revenge.

Can Casey and Mason work together to find the killer, or will the secrets of the town, the murder, and even Sophie herself tear them apart?