Diary Of A Rocker Kid – Haley Despard

DORKReview: Madison had issues and deservedly so – after all she was lied to for the first 17 years of her life by the only family she knew existed. Going from small town Kentucky, living with and being home-schooled by her grandmother to discovering your father was once a rock god with a LA mansion and lifestyle to match must be a shock.

After convincing her father to move to LA, Madison is thrust into the world of celebrity which she doesn’t really understand at first. Making all the mistakes you’d expect, including an unfortunate social media incident, Madison starts to settle in and make friends – especially with the sexy next door neighbor Gio!

But just when things seem to be settling down and Madison starts to find her way, another bombshell drops

Haley does a brilliant job of putting you in Madison’s shoes – from the language, to the heart ache all the way to the need to belong, you feel like you’re there.

I can’t wait for D.O.R.K Book 2 to find out what twists and turns Ms Despard has install for us next!