Different Style Of Hats


It’s imperative that you protect yourself from the harsh rays in Ibiza, and not only in respect of sun-cream, but hats too. Hats are perfect for protecting your hair especially. Excessive exposure to the sun can seriously damage your hair, no matter how much you condition it. If your hair is fine, over time it may become frazzled and extremely dry.

There are various types of hats to suit everyone.

Caps can look cool and can be teamed with almost any item of casual clothing. Caps can have slogans across the front, be patterned, or plain. Popular caps amongst celebrities at the moment are those emblazoned with NY (New Era) caps.


Beanies. It’s far too hot to wear these; however there are some loose-fitted ones and you can tuck all of your hair in these. Again, these can have a slogan across, or be plain.

A Chupalla is a straw, wide-brimmed hat, think Audrey Hepburn, and look classy. They can be worn with almost any item of clothing, especially dresses, and look great with oversized sunglasses.

Cowboy hats are also wide brimmed, and due to the size protect the eyes and hair. Again, these can be worn with almost anything. Kate Middleton has been seen sporting one lately. If it’s good enough for the duchess….

Floppy hats are my favourite, and look stunning with almost anything. Again, think Audrey Hepburn. Plain white and black ones look stylish.

Fedora are smaller-brimmed, round hats with folded tops. Most of them have a ribbon tied around, or an accessory, such as a brooch, pin or feather.

Top hats are stylish, and elegant, however men seem to be able to carry these off more than women. If you have a unique style, and like to stand out from the crowd, then these will definitely do.

Bucket hats are casual hats and great for wearing to the beach.

Turbans can look fantastic, for the day or evening, especially if securing all the hair, and worn with pretty dangly earrings. Eva Mendes is a fan of these.

Lastly, bandana’s for the girly pretty look. These were popular amongst the sexy pin-up girls of the forties. They can be worn tied at the top in a ribbon, like a headband, or wrapped around the whole head and tied at the back underneath. These come in all different colours, sizes and patterns.