Do You Come Here Often – Alexandra Potter



Blurb: What becomes of the broken-hearted?

Grace was just a teenager when Jimi broke her heart. But now she’s moved on and is happy with her perfect fiance Spencer. Even if it’s been a while since he mentioned actually getting married.

You give love a bad name…

Meanwhile Jimi’s own wedding day is just around the corner. He’s certain he’s found the one. Or has he? Because when he bumps into Grace again, something suddenly doesn’t feel right. More than a feeling?

It looks like there might be something wonderful between them. But is it really worth risking everything for? One thing is for sure – as the radio plays its late-night love songs, one girl is about to find out that the best lines can actually be the ones you write yourself…

Review: I LOVED this book! I wish I had found it sooner. I picked it up at a little book shop, here in Spain. The writing style is brilliant! The characters are extremely likeable and really come alive. It makes you feel as if you know them. I have never rooted for fictional characters as much as these. I was dying for the main characters to get together, the suspense was torturing me. The author describes what the characters were like as teenagers, the ‘cool’ boy in school, the things teenagers got up to, the convo’s they had, and it really took me back to those days. It was so funny in parts. A chick-lit read which is not only realistic, (which is what I love) but heart-warming and heart-wrencing. I will be reading more from this author. P.S Loved Jimi Malik!