Es Paradis, Sunset Strip, Partying and Writing – 2013.

So, what have i been up to lately? I have been a very good girl, writing, writing and writing! and guess what? I’ve finished the novel! arrgh!! Ok, not entirely finished but i have written the ending, printed the 330 or whatever pages, now ready for editing. It’s 5am and i’ve been up all night. The novel has taken me a total of 5 months to do, each night, writing bit by bit. I have also been researching and reading through tips of other authors.

Those who think that book you picked up or that film you watched was written easily are clearly mistaken. I don’t think people realise how much hard work and dedication goes into it. I have hated it one min, liked it the next, changed it, and had writers block sooo many times. But i don’t give up easily and if somebody tells me i can’t do something, i try even harder to succeed. We need goals, ambitions and dreams in this world. Don’t let anybody shatter them, even if they’re unrealistic, it’s nice to have a dream (:

Apart from that, I went to the water party at Es Paradis. Fiesta Del Agua! The middle dance floor fills up with water and it’s like a little swimming pool in the middle of the club. So cool.

I also bar crawled and partied along the West End. And sunbathed on a rooftop pool with the best view ever!

And, I watched the sunset at Cafe Del Mar. As usual, it was beautiful and the crowds clapped. Is there anywhere in England/Oz/US that you guys go to and sit to relax, just to enjoy the view? Or some sort of tradition? I know New York has a Times Square gathering/celebration, right? Anyways, would love to hear your comments. For now, take a peak at the pics… :p








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