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 I write about beauty, fashion & lifestyle for a local printed and online newspaper. Here you will find my weekly articles, and posts, whether fashion or beauty related, and tried & tested products. There will also be inspirational pieces about life in general, and relationships, not because I’m an expert or anything, but through things I have learnt from self-help books, experience and research.

If you have a product which you’d like me to try out and review, please contact me at My review will be honest, and shared over social media platforms, accompanied by images.


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Luscious Locks

Blake Lively Stunning Hairstyle Ideas

Hair &  Beauty In San An

Recent Buys 3

Recent Buys 2

Recent Buys 1

Shopaholic Abroad – Recent Buys

Shopaholic Abroad – Recent Buys

Shopaholic Abroad – My Recent Buys


Beauty Tips

Hair Growth

Tried and Tested

Cool and Unique Beauty Products

Protect Yourself This Summer



What’s Inside My Handbag

Tried & Tested Bath Products – COMING SOON

My Fave Skincare Products – COMING SOON

Different Make-Up Looks – COMING SOON

Tried & Tested Fake Tan – COMING SOON

Fave Hair Products – COMING SOON


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Fashionable Footwear

Different Styles Of Hats

Rock That Sons Of Anarchy Style!

Lipsy Fashion

Swimwear Style To Suit You

Steal That Style – Angelina Jolie

Steal That Style – Olivia Palermo

Steal That Style – Blake Lively

Inspirational Clothing

Show Up, Dress Up!

I Wanna Be A Hippie

Fashionable Pyjamas

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Fashionable Footwear

Timless Fashion Pieces

Winter Lounge Wear

Winter Wear & Wellbeing

Winter Hats


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Keeping The Romance In Your Relationship

Surviving A Break-Up

How To Kill Jealousy In A Relationship

When To Call It A Day

Turning A Friendship Into Something More

The Most Important Relationship Of All

Should You Get Back With An Ex?

Long Distance Relationships

Is Online Dating For You?

He’s Not That Into You If…

Flings Vs Relationships

Pro’s & Cons Of Dating Someone Younger




A Booty-ful Behind – Khloe Kardashian Style!

Healthy Recipes