Fashionable Footwear

The nights are getting colder in Ibiza, and the days cloudier. And when it rains, sometimes it absolutely pours. Boots are always fashionable, and there are so many different styles to choose from. Who would have ever thought that wellies could be fashionable, and worn to look good, rather than at a muddy music festival? But there are some great designs. Below are what’s hot in boots at the moment, for those rainy days, and chilly nights.


The Rain Boot. These boots are made of rubber, and come up to just below the knee, or come as an ankle boot. They come in a variety of different colours, and designs. Michael Kors do some absolutely stunning wellies, in black, with an MK buckle across. Tommy Hilfiger also sell some nice designs, however these style of boots can also be found on the high-street, and look just as good. Some have studs on, and suede material. Wellies can look great with leggings and jeans.

Heeled Wellies – These are plastic heeled ankle boots that not only look good but are perfect for wet days, and can be worn with absolutely anything, whether it be shorts, or jeans.


Biker Boots. These are my favourite. These can be leather, or faux leather. They come in so many different styles, whether they’re covered in studs, patterns, designs, heeled or not. My fave are boots with silver or gold studs on, giving them that bit of edge. These again can be worn with almost anything.

Thigh High Boots. These are flat suede or leather boots that reach the thigh. These look great worn over jeans or leggings. They’re extremely comfy, and create the illusion of longer legs. They can also come with a heel too.


Uggs. These are boots made from sheepskin and popular in places where it snows. These are probably the most comfortable footwear ever.

Cowboy Boots. Believe it or not, some of these styles look fab with jeans, leggings and skirts. They come mainly in black, brown and white, either plain or patterned.

Doctor Martins. Wearing these with jeans, or leggings give that casual cool look, with the comfort added. These come in so many different colours: Black, white, red, green and more.



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