Finding Home by Abbey K Davies


Blurb: This book contains sexually explicit acts. It will touch your heart, perhaps break it and put it back together. Can Felicia Westfield escape her past? Will her search for justice get her killed? Felicia Westfield is no stranger to the physical and mental scars of abuse. After surviving her abusive father and a violent ex-boyfriend, Felicia makes it her mission to save other children and becomes a Social Worker. The last three years have turned her numb; making her personal life non-existent. Until she sees him…Jake Brown. With Jake, she finds trust, intimacy, love, and something she wanted more than she remembered – home. Jake Brown, an ex-cop turned Social Services investigator has scars of his own, but when he discovers Felicia, the wounds start to heal. Thrown together on a case involving sexual and child abuse, Felicia and Jake are out for Justice. Justice for the kids and themselves. When they ask one too many questions, and when her past reappears like an angry ghost, Felicia’s life is in danger. And the home they found with each other is in jeopardy.

Review: An emotional touching read where you want the best for the characters and to follow their journey. This Fiction story is definitely worth reading! Abbey also has several other Fiction Books, go check out the blurbs and reviews on Amazon,they will not disappoint.