Flings Vs Relationships


When it comes to the opposite sex, some people are content having no strings attached fun, whereas others prefer a loving relationship. Below are reasons why people decide to choose one over the other.

Friends with benefits can be on your terms. You can choose when you see him and how often you see him. You don’t owe him anything; it isn’t serious so you can still hold onto your independence, doing what you want, when you want.

There are no obligations for a future together, no stressful conversations on where ‘you’re headed’ etc, it’s just relaxed and simple. You cut out all the seriousness, and so it remains new, exciting and fresh.

You can go out, and if you like the look of someone else, there is nothing to stop you from getting their number and going on other dates.

Your feelings are protected. You cannot get hurt if you are not giving someone your heart. However, if one is more into it than the other, then complications can arise, and you may be missing out on being loved and sharing your life with someone special.

Some serious relationships can be hard work, argumentative and a lot of pressure. However, they can also bring happiness to your life.

At the end of an exhausting day, you have someone to rant to. At night time you have someone to cuddle in bed, and if your friends let you down, your partner will always be there.

You can be yourself and be completely open and honest with them, as they love you, warts and all.

As you know where you stand with them, you may feel more relaxed, and secure. And if you keep the romance alive, this relationship can also remain exciting and fresh.