Haley Faiman – Rough & Rowdy

roughReview: My absolutely favourite thing about this book was the pace – right from the start it was always moving.

From the moment Fury (Pierce) sets eyes on Kentlee their lives are set on a collision course neither can avoid no matter how much Kentlee tries to resist and all it takes is one night. One night and an unplanned pregnancy and their future is set.

But when Fury’s Notorious Devil’s motorcycle club has a job running guns over the US/Canada border, Fury doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty never mind the fact he’s the chapter’s President. Things don’t go to plan and suddenly Fury finds himself behind bars for 3 years and away from a pregnant Kentlee leaving her to fend for herself.

Hayley does a great job of luring us into believing that initially Kentlee is one of those female characters that needs saving (after all, that’s what her mother raised her to be). However when the going gets tough, she is transformed into a tough, whatever-it-takes woman who takes no shit.

With a cast of characters which are more different then they are alike, they make a colourful bunch who prove that family isn’t always the one you’re born into, but the ones who choose to stand by your side.