Have You Seen This Girl – Carissa Ann Lynch

carissaReview: ** spoiler alert **

*I was gifted a free copy of this novel for an honest review*

This novel was BRILLIANT. Lynch has a knack for story telling, and the way this novel unfolded was amazing. I didn’t anticipate any of the plot twists, and normally I pride myself on being able to guess what’s about to happen. Lynch spins such a horrifying tale of real life monsters that I felt the need to read with the light on. It was scary to think that the main characters responsible for the deaths/abuse of the young girls in the House of Horrors could be anyone in every day life. The novel brought to light a lot of things that I rarely think about, including drug use, human trafficking, and evil people.

The characters were all very well developed, and real. The amazing characterization is what made this novel hit home for me. I loved Wendi, and all of her emotions. She behaved accordingly to certain situations, and I could see myself reacting in the same ways. Lynch does a great job with description, and pacing. I feel like the story went at the perfect speed, and that I actually felt like I was experiencing the novel first hand. (Which is why I needed the light on…)

The only thing I disliked about the novel was that Officer Milby showed up in the end. I understand that he was essential to the ending of the novel, but I felt like when he arrived Wendi became a damsel in distress. Her revenge was coming together, but in the end she didn’t get to kill any of the monsters who tormented her. I was rooting for her to at least get a chance to smack that b*tch Claire in the head with the shovel one good time. Oh well, at least she went to prison. Overall I was happy with the ending, and happy that Wendi got a “happy” ending. A very realistic happy ending that made me smile and clutch my kindle to my chest. I normally hate epilogues because I’ve read far too many that jump years ahead and seem totally out of place with the novel, but this epilogue was perfect. Kudos to the author!