He’s Not That Into You If….


He’s not that into you if…. he isn’t making it known. It really is that simple. If someone wants to be with you, they will ensure they are. This is shown by not only the words they speak, but their actions, and how they show they care.

However, there are people out there that can convince you that they care about you, but perhaps only for the time-being, and not for the long haul. You could think that you’re in a serious relationship with someone, only to later find out that you were nothing but a ‘convenience’ call.

If you are aware of the signs early on, then you can avoid yourself a lot of heartbreak.

You may see them only on their terms, when it’s suitable for them. If you suggest a day and time, which is nine times out of ten rejected, ask yourself why. What else do they have to do that’s so important?

If they usually contact you out of the blue, and arrange last minute dates, this may not be a sign of spontaneity but rather an opportunity to squeeze you in at their availability.

If they ring you mainly on the night, or when they are drunk, it’s usually a sign of a relationship not being anything more than a physical one. Also if dates mostly take place in the bedroom, with no effort on their part, it can also indicate this.

If he rarely takes you out in public, alarm bells should be ringing. Perhaps he doesn’t want to be seen out with you, due to being in a serious relationship, or seeing other girls as well as you.

How is communication between you? If he rarely answers his mobile, texts back, or responds only at certain time periods, take note.

If he doesn’t discuss the future with you ever, perhaps he doesn’t see you in it.

If you have been dating a while and haven’t met his friends or his family, then this in itself should show that it isn’t as serious as you had hoped it was, and he probably is…..just not that into you.

Better to know sooner rather than later, so you can walk away, head high, and find better – someone that does want the same things as you, than waste months, maybe even years of your life with someone who isn’t on the same path.