Holiday To Romania

Hi all!

Recently I went to Romania for a week. I’ve been before, and visited Vlad Tepes (Dracula’s) castle. It was amazing and absolutely stunning, except for the torture room! ( You can find more pics on my earlier post on Romania.) 

I’d also visited the caparthian mountains, with absolutely stunning views! I love anything to do with exploring, checking out old buildings, scenery, art, anything. 

This time, I visited the zoo again, an authors gorgeous house near the lake, breathtaking churches, the new shopping mall in Ploiesti, ate out in restaurants, played in casino’s, went to the cinema and more. 

One restaurant I absolutely loved was this Chinese place. The decor is gorgeous, I love anything to do with buddha’s, tranquil environments and good luck statues / charms.   

Here is the cinemas and a bar in the shopping mall. How nice are they?

Another restaurant we went to was an Italian one. The food was delicious. 


Overall I had a great time and my other half ensured that it was absolutely perfect, even treating me to shopping trips there and before going. I love fashion, hence me writing fashion weekly for a newspaper πŸ™‚ I could shop for hours! And I absolutely love boots (biker,combat,cowboy,flat,heeled – the lot!) πŸ˜€ Oh & you can never have too many leather jackets. 

Where have you been lately, and what are your fashion faves? I’d love to know. Comment in the box below.