House Of The Lost Girls – Carissa Ann Lynch

Carissa2Review: ** spoiler alert **

*I was gifted a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review*

After reading the first novel in this thrilling series, I was very excited to continue the series. I started merely seconds after I finished the first book. I was curious to see how Lynch was going to continue the series, especially after we already knew Wendi’s story. Boy was this a great way to continue the series.

Marianna Bertagnoli was a bad ass in my opinion. Even more so than Wendi maybe. Marianna’s character had her moments where she was a bit naive, but she was perfect in my eyes. Lynch did a great job with her character, and Marianna was the picture of teenage angst. She didn’t know what she wanted when it came to the guys of Flocksdale, but she sure was a loyal daughter. Spending a chunk of her savings to fly to New Orleans in search of her mother was just one of the ways how. Also refusing to believe Wendi whenever she speaks ill of her mother.

This novel was very thrilling, just like the first in this series, and I really enjoyed it. The editing was fabulous, the characterization stunningly on point, and I even fell a little in love with Sam. I also enjoyed how Wendi was tied into the novel. House of the Lost Girls was far more fast paced than the first novel, but still had a lot of plot twists that I once again wasn’t expecting. Unlike the first novel, I was able to anticipate some of the twists that were to come much faster than Marianna did, which made me clutch my kindle in frustration. I even tried shaking it to shake some sense into her at the end!

I gave this novel 4 stars rather than 5 for the unrealistic aspect of two high schoolers heading out to New Orleans for a weekend unexpectedly, and for the ending that left me with a lmild case of whip lash. The ending happened so quickly that I felt like I was left with a lot of unanswered questions.Hopefully they will all be answered in the final installment of the Flocksdale Files series, Carnival of Dead Girls. I know that Wendi will be making an appearance, but I’m also hoping that Marianna will be too. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and would love to read more from this author in the future.