How To Kill Jealousy In A Relationship


Jealousy can destroy a relationship. Nobody wants to feel like they’re stepping on eggshells in a relationship, not being able to be themselves, or make decisions without consulting their partner or seeking their opinion first through fear of annoying them.

There are two types of jealousy: Slight jealousy which can sometimes be flattering, or extreme jealousy which can ruin your relationship completely.

Slight jealousy is when your partner gets a little annoyed if someone looks at you, flirts with you, and whatnot. This is completely normal. Have a think at how you would feel if in their situation. Almost all relationships have some jealousy going on.

Extreme jealousy is when your partner is trying to control you, and their behaviour is upsetting you. For example: your partner shouldn’t be telling you what to wear, you’re your own person, and capable of dressing yourself and wearing whatever you feel comfortable, and attractive in. Controlling where you go, or when you go out isn’t acceptable. They also shouldn’t be telling you whom you can be friends with. They’re meant to be your partner, not your parent. If they has an opinion on everything you say, or do, this may make you withdrawn, and you may lose your own identity.

How do you kill the green monster? Try to reassure your partner as much as possible that you’re with them for a reason. Remember, jealousy is a disease; no-one wants to have feelings of jealousy, paranoia, and insecurity. If you can tone down on certain things, such as an outrageous outfit, do it, or changing small things to avoid fights. Your relationship should be important to you both. Communication is key! Try to find out where all the jealous emotions are coming from, and try to resolve the issues. Get them to focus on what is positive in your relationship. Alternatively, go to couples counselling.