Ibiza 2013.

Sooo, I think it’s about time to share my latest antics in Ibiza, seems as I have now been here for just over 4 months. Well, I did a season in 2012, but now I have moved here permanently.

If you have never been to the beautiful Balearic’s, then you are seriously missing out! Not only does Ibiza have the best clubs, bars, music, beaches, soft sands and the best sunset view, it has some of the coolest people.

When I arrived in winter, it was a little quieter with not many English people around. I watched a parade of the three kings celebrating the giving of gifts to Jesus whereby kings on sledges threw sweets to the Spanish residents, so sweet.

Then, I visited some gorgeous beaches on the Island, hired a pedal boat and got a lil scared at how far out it went (wimp), I visited the view of Es Vedra from the moutains, so beautiful, I relaxed at Ocean Beach Club which is the pool to go to! Great music and a great show of acrobatic mermaids and dancers. I ate out in lovely restaurants and little cafe’s and overall am having a lovely time so far.

Oh, I also found a British shop which i LOVE! ❤ I can pick up Yorkshire puddings, Nescafe, Marmite and English books so I’m in heaven!

Getting a little sick of Spanish TV though, I can’t yet understand it despite trying to learn Spanish. Also, a bit peed off that I have a flu at the mo. Boo-hoo but who cares?! I spent the afternoon feeling sorry for myself by opening the large balcony windows, lying on a bed and catching the rays. Sunbathing without even having to leave the apartment, is the best.

Well, I hope everyone else is having fun. Here are some pics of Ibiza, in case you’ve never been.








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