Jody Lynn Daniels – If The Shoe Fits

jodyReview: Ella is making her dreams come true – it might be a tough slog and she might struggle, but undoubtedly she’s doing it. And on her own terms. But she’s not above faking it.

Dressing up and pretending to be someone she isn’t, Ella attends a high end party where she catches the eye of the very charming and sexy Nicholas. Not knowing anything more about him, than he’s absolutely stunning, Ella lets go of her responsibilities and spends one reckless evening doing something completely out of character…a night with a guy in the back of the limo.

The moment Nicholas meets Ella he knows she isn’t like the other women in his life – she didn’t see him as a prize or the type of guy who wants a trophy husband.

Daniels provides a mouth watering fairy tale, complete with fancy shoes and scrumptious desserts. This Prince Charming may not ride a horse, and the Princess owns a bakery rather than cleaning the fire places, but its a modern day fairy tale, none of us would mind living.